Emerging Need And Benefits Of Adopting The Concept Of E-Governance

Concept Of E-Governance

The role of technology in our lives is so huge that it has transformed our life to a whole new level. It plays a very important role in our life as well as in the development of our economy. Improvements are the part of life and the technological improvements are bringing lots of changes to not only in our business life but also in social life. The technology is available at the ease of access anyone can access the various technological developments, connections or the software for their use. Behind the various technological developments are the sincere efforts of mankind only. Only due to their special efforts towards technological developments had made this possible. Earlier without the help of the technology, it was very difficult to continue reporting to the managers, managing everything manually, etc.

But with the advent of technology, everything can be done at ease. Almost every field is making use of technological advancements in their sector. Either it is a public sector or a private sector you have to use the technology to make things simpler and accessible. Even the banking sector, Municipal Corporation or the other public sector works has adopted the use of the technology for their work. The adoption of the technology in major sectors not only provides ease for the service providers but also for the users of that technology. The forms of technology in these sectors are the installation of various mobile apps as well as the software to maintain the ease of the business.

E Governance services are also part of technological services that are provided to many people associated with it. Although the need for adoption of technology is in every sector and you must need to implement the technology in the public sector as the people connected or involved with this sector is more. Earlier there was so much of paperwork associated with this sector if you want any information or notification you have to go to the office to get that information but now the concept of e-governance has simplified the whole scenario and provides easy accessibility to almost all the citizens. There are so many benefits of implementing e-governance. Some of its merits are discussed as follows:

  • A modern shift in the e-governance: earlier only government officials were involved in making suggestions and taking various decisions relating to policies etc. but now e-governance is the improved version of the governance which involves both governments as well as the citizens in the decision making process. The internet has added more value to this process. It also improves communication between both two parties.
  • Easier and quicker method: the use of technology in the adoption process has made this process a bit easier and quicker. Earlier there was a lot of paperwork which is to be done by the officials and the whole process was very cumbersome. But now the new software aims at providing the ease of doing things by automating the whole process and eliminating the paperwork. The basic idea of e-governance is to provide full access to the citizens so that they can read any information anytime they want.
  • Increasing efficiency of the operations is the aim: in a product or service, the first main thing that is seen is the quality of the service or the efficiency that it is serving. When everything is going to be digitally the chances of errors are minimized and wastages are reduced which automatically adds to the efficiency of the operations. The government or the public sector is known for the long queues and high waiting time but what if now you don’t have to stand in a queue neither you have to wait for long. Nothing could be better than this. It also improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the operations which are to be carried out.
  • Meeting needs of the citizens: most of the customers were never get satisfied with the services of the government officials. Behind this, there can be several reasons associated with this. When the people have to wait longer for the paperwork to be completed they will never feel satisfied. With the advent of the software and the technological improvements, the needs of the people are met easily and the paperwork is now reduced to minimal which already adding value to the services is being provided to the people.
  • Winning faith of the people: the government is run for the people and by the people. So the satisfaction of the people residing in this country is the main concern for the government. To win or to survive in front of the competitors the government needs to win the faith of the people in them. They can only get the faith of the people if they not only aim but also provide quality services along with their satisfaction. These software and many apps are implemented just to know the right needs and requirements of the people and then aim at fulfilling them. The e-governance also makes the whole management process easier and quicker.
  • Aims at reducing costs: in undertaking a high level of paperwork or the physical presence or infrastructure more costs are associated with that. But the digitalization of all the tasks as well as the activities helps in reducing the overall costs for the government. The cost of running the public sector is being reduced with the advent of these technologies. It helps in saving so much of the costs associated with this process. Egovernance solutions can be hired or can be embedded in an organization by taking the help of the technical service providers.
  • Improves transparency of operations: this whole process also enhances the level of transparency in the various activities. It saves so much effort as well as the scarce resources of the environment. It improves transparency by giving full access to the individuals to check or know anything of the various departments. E-governance is required as there is not only a single sector or field there are so many sectors attached to the government.

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