The Escalator Ads- Its Importance And Types

Escalator Ads

In the present time, business organizations are continuously looking forward to new and all the innovative methods and ideas of advertising and promoting their products. They go on to keep searching for the advertising methods that can attract and captivate the attention of their potential consumers. There exist a very special and highly effective and innovative technique of the advertising that can well be utilized by the marketers which comprise of the elevator and the escalator ads methods. This form of advertising is very beneficial and with the passage of time, it is being utilized by various companies, across the globe, taking advantage of this form of advertising and has begun reaping the rewards.

A Successful Tool

 Since elevators are amongst the frequently used mode by the people that might go on to attract the potential customers in there for the existing products and the services of any company due to the ads that are being displayed on these elevators. It is very much apparent that these elevators go on to transfer a large number of people from one place in a building to another and there are also cases wherein, the transferring goes on to continue the whole day. In this 21st century, the new and innovative advertising ideas like elevator advertising is extremely popular and it sure has the potential of turning into a big and successful tool from the advertising point of view.

In a general public opinion, it is perhaps the most effective tool with this new century. This simply stems from a fact that too many people, especially youngsters, do not really like to view or read an advertisements or they also do not really listen to any radio commercials as well as they find them pretty boring and not captivating at all.


The objectives of general research are outlined as under-

  • In order to examine this concept of the escalator and the elevator advertising from a certain country’s perspective
  • In order to determine the kind and the nature of escalator and the elevator advertising which currently exists
  • In order to determine the existing advantages and the disadvantages of the escalator and the elevator advertising
  • To simply research and then investigate the opinions of the escalator and the users of the elevator on the viability of utilizing escalator and the elevator advertising across the globe
  • In order to research and then investigate the opinions of the marketing executives companies on the viability of utilizing the escalator and the elevator advertising to promote

Kinds of Elevator Advertising

Below are a few of the common types of elevator advertising-

  • Outside door advertising
  • Inside an elevator using painting or brochures
  • Outside media (using the screen)
  • Inside media (using the screen)
  • Sounds advertising (inside an elevator)
  • On the buttons of the elevator (inside and outside)
  • Creative and of course innovative advertising (costly)

These are the types of elevator advertising services in india that exist in this era.

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