Reasons why Dell Boomi is popular

Reasons why Dell Boomi is popular

Dell Boomi is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform for connecting cloud and on-premises data and application. The platform enables customers to design cloud-based integration processes called atoms and transfer data between on-premises application and cloud. Each atom defines what is important for integration. 

The latest version of dell Boomi offers several new features. It includes a crowd-sourcing testing option called Boomi assure and a bulk –copy feature that allows organizations to load large volumes of information into a database. Currently, dell Boomi’s customers include Net Suite, SAP, and Success Factors. Dell Boomi Salesforce integration is no. 1 integration cloud that building integrations at anytime, anywhere without the use of coding. There are reasons why dell Boomi is popular. 

Some of Reason have been mentioned as follows:

  • Ability to connect everything and run anywhere

Boomi’s integration platform makes it easy for you to connect applications, devices, and databases and regardless of whether they are on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both. With Boomi, you can support partners, customers and employees how they want, wherever they might be.

  • End- to- End workflow management

Boomi offers management efficiencies and superior development. The Boomi integration platform as a service helps you ensure data quality, design and manage APIs and build customer journey with automated workflows.

  • Fast and easy low-code integration

Boomi offers the industry’s most extensive collection of tools to speed integration projects and streamline implementations, including prebuilt connectors, process libraries and crowd-sourced guidance for data mapping. Boomi eliminates the need for coding and allows you to rapidly deploy in weeks, day or even hours.

  • Built from the beginning for the cloud

Boomi allows you to take full advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. There are no complicated installations or on-premise hardware, so you can start building integrations immediately. Automatic upgrades ensure there are no issues with versioning and take the burden off of IT.

  • Improved data management

For any business data is crucial. Enterprises are failing to make business decisions because there is a lack of tools to organize the data. Dell Boomi platform lets businesses have an integrated view of the data management framework. It allows businesses to have a transparent view of the data flow between the various business system and applications. This platform mediates data operations strategically and securely. Also, this platform categorizes and measures the data and data silos. Dell Boomi platform fosters business decision while scaling up operational efficiencies. This increased visibility into data reduces time-to-market and create a significant rise in work efficiency.

  • Best-in-class cloud solutions

Dell Boomi comes with an integrated hybrid cloud multipurpose iPaaS platform that strategically binds applications, data, enterprise system and people. Due to this, businesses can have intelligent management of IT infrastructure. This platform provides end to end capabilities with ease and flexibility for a user to build customize cloud solutions as per their requirements with custom code scripting.

  • Full-stack security solutions

The Dell Boomi platform comes with three-tier full-stack security framework be it on-premises or cloud services. This framework offers security at three levels. It includes application and platform layer, network and facilities infrastructure and data level.

Dell Boomi integration with salesforce help to connect salesforce with on-premises applications directly from the web and remove the burden of installing and maintaining integration software packages, appliances or custom coding.