What are the benefits of wearing certified astrological gemstones?

What are the benefits of wearing certified astrological gemstones?

Men and women wearing different kinds of astrological stones on their fingers is a common sight. Many people are firm believers that the stones are essential for changing their destiny. The astrological gemstone industry is a million dollar one running on a lot of faith. It is believed that only if you buy certified gemstones online in India then you can get very good results because of the authenticity of the stones. You will also find people unknowingly buying fake stones and ruining their lives. Certified ones are therefore a necessity.

How do the gems help?

The gemstones are ruled by the nine planets and they draw their powers from them. These stones are supposed to contain healing powers which are activated when the wearer purifies the same and puts them on. The gemstones can be worn as rings or even as necklaces. Contact with the body is important for getting the powers that they require. The stones activate the various vital centres of energy in the body also known as the chakras. They have a direct influence on cough, pith and vat contained in the body. 

The stones activate certain body parts to neutralize or increase the effects of certain planets in the person’s astrological chart. It should also be remembered that the stones absorb certain qualities as well as energy vibrations of the person wearing them. So, it is mandatory that the stone should be purified before it is worn. The gemstone should also remain in constant touch with the body through a small window in the ring. This helps the stones energy to enter you directly. According to Indian Vedic astrology, the gemstones should be worn on the right hand. 

The importance of the authenticity of stones lies in the fact that chemically processed ones may not have the required healing energy. Therefore, it is best to get hold of the clean and unprocessed stones that do not have any scratch or spots on them. These stones work properly for their owners. It is advisable to check the stone thoroughly for cracks and spots with the help of a magnifying glass during purchase. Also, unless you are an expert in recognising astrological gemstones it is best to take the help of an expert before making the final payment. Wearing the wrong gym can do more harm than good. 

What to keep in mind regarding certification?

  • Certifications should always be provided by some third party. Before making a purchase ensure that the certification is not from the store that you are purchasing from. 
  • Take the help of a qualified gemologist for identifying your stone.
  • Ensure that the gemstone has been identified bi a distinguished company. Some of the most popular ones are EGL or GIA but there are others as well who do the same procedures. 

Take away

Certified gemstones are definitely effective. You can buy gems online. It is also recommended that you to purchase only certified ones to prevent any negative effect of the stone on your life. There are number of dealers who only buy and sell certified stones.