Tips to Score Good Marks in Maths exam

Tips to Score Good Marks in Maths exam

Class 10th board exam has great importance in student’s education. Students need to perform

Well in this exam as percentage scored in this exam act as a basis for stream selector. Class 10th helps in the decision-making process for students and class 10th is a game-changer and career shaper.

All subjects are important in class 10th exam, out of which maths is a scoring subject and this subject will remain important ahead in life. Students generally in 10th board exam face problem of completing the maths paper on time due to long and tricky calculations. Students generally panic while solving a question in the exam due to which they are not able to finish a paper before time. To get good marks to solve cbse maths model for class 10th. There are some tips to score good marks in maths board exam of class 10th.

  • Maintain separate register for formulae, theories and methods

This subject is all about formulae, theories so it is important to maintain a separate register for formulae, theories. This thing is very useful when doing last-minute revision and you can read them on one go.

  • Understand the syllabus

It is important to understand the syllabus and weightage to various sections will help you to plan how much time dedicated to each section.

  • Make a schedule, make a study time table

Theories are easy to learn but maths is an application. You should be well known with important maths formulas and also where and how to use them. Must give a preference to study maths from ncert books. Create a time table for the study that matches yours. Allot more time to difficult chapter and spend less time on an easy topic.

  • Practice and revise

Practice makes a man perfect. When completed with ncert syllabus start doing practice and solve the exercise and match them with ncert solution of maths for class 10th. Solve and exercise each maths question for 3 to 4 times to get more confidence before maths board exam. Neatly write down the steps when solving exam as steps carry marks. Focus on improving your accuracy and most important work on your speed.

  • Solve previous year questions

Solve a lot of model test paper and previous year question. For better time management make you keep an eye on the clock while solving question papers as time plays a very important role in the maths exam. Solve previous question paper can be very beneficial for students to score good marks in the maths exam.

  • Do not worry about the tough/complex problems

If you find some question tough or complex to you, don’t worry about it only will harm your performance and will make your morale down. Start with easier problems and as you solve further each question and obtain the correct answer you will gain confidence for complex problems as well.

  • Take proper rest

You should take rest from study and give some time for other activities as learning at stretch is not a good habit at all. Do some physical exercises regularly instead of watching tv or playing videos games and catch an adequate amount of sleep.

By following these tips and tricks and solving 10th class maths study material cbse, you can score high marks in the exam.

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