Marketing from Home: Tips for Marketing Team During COVID-19

Marketing from Home: Tips for Marketing Team During COVID-19

According to a report, close to half of the employees (43%) have spent most of their time working remotely in the month of March. And now, the percentage of remote workers is higher around the globe. But this does not mean that working conditions are similar for all employees.

While some employees are experiencing increased productivity during remote work, most of the employees are still trying to adjust to this new normal.

Remote working has introduced challenges such as connectivity issues, embracing new technologies, and more. But mostly, the biggest challenge is communicating remotely or trying to communicate.

According to Clutch Report in June, almost 63% of employees have spent less time socializing with co-workers, since the companies made workers function remotely for their business.

Considering the above challenges faced by workers, it is safe to say that the marketing team would need to come up with solutions to this as they require communication between teammates more than other departments of a company. And as far as embracing new technologies and stable connection requirements are concerned, these two factors are also more crucial for the marketing team of any company.

Therefore, below we have mentioned some essential tips for working from home that can help a marketing team to fix the issues and to bring more benefits to the company during the pandemic.

Team Management

Since the coronavirus pandemic, companies have been investing in better communication and management tools. Management tools like Teamwork and Toggle were in high regard to help marketing teams adjust to the new working mode by letting them enjoy the management tools and features.

While the software were a great addition to lessen the burden of team management from the shoulders of the manager, supervising remotely is still a big challenge.

While it is certain that as new as the work mode changes were for the employees, it was equally surprising for managers as well.

The abruptness and uncertainty that resulted from remote work became a big challenge for the manager of the marketing team as they were required to show more efficiency in adapting the change to keep the business-marketing going.

Therefore, apart from having a good hands-on management tool, a manager needs to schedule check-in times for team workers, provide them with a daily checklist, and also keep the team in the loop with regards to the remote working policies of the company.


Like we said at the beginning of the blog, even after many months into remote working, communication is a big concerning factor for companies.

While 55% of companies around the globe are now offering capacity for remote working, there is much less they did to ensure high communication flow between employees.

As a marketing team, communication is the main ingredient in establishing an effective marketing strategy.

Heads of a marketing team should manage to bring employees together, virtually in order to uplift their motivation and increase their productivity.

Tools such as Microsoft teams, Slack, Skype, and even Zoom can contribute to increasing team communication and helping team members in sharing ideas and helping each other.

But more than all of this, it is important to establish the importance of communication among the whole team. This is because, the marketing team members need to put in efforts from their side to reach out to other team members so that a positive work event can be established, virtually.


According to a survey, 18% of the workforce telecommute on a full-time basis. This means that fixing small yet necessary issues like unreliable internet connection at home is important.

A marketing worker needs high-speed internet service at home, all the time. This is because a marketing team has a lot of tasks to do that requires an internet connection.

Tasks such as understanding constantly changing consumer behavior online, keeping an eye on business competitors, updating social media pages of the brand, finding new changes in marketing patterns but mostly making sure each one of the marketing team members is connected with the rest of the team.

This makes the availability of a high-speed internet connection truly crucial for a marketing team.

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Key Takeaways

The time has come for the marketing team to work together to ensure effective telework and great outcomes.